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(GAC) Activated Carbon Uses & Benefits

What is Activated Carbon Being Used In?

(GAC) or Granular Activated Carbon is used in many applications throughout multiple industries. Its benefits and effectiveness in filtration are some of the best in the world. Here are some of the industries that granular activated carbon filtration is being used in:

Medical Industry: Granular activated carbon is commonly used to treat poisoning, overdoses from medication/drugs, and activated carbon capsules are available for indigestion and diarrhea conditions. Its uses are found in filtration of medicines and water throughout the industry.

Industrial Industry: Granular activated carbon is used throughout industrial and manufacturing applications, commonly in metal finishings. It is a key purification agent for removing impurities from metals like nickel, and industrial water, like iron, manganese, arsenic, heavy metals, organics, manganese and specific ions. It filters Process water, wastewater and more.

Analytical Chemistry: Granular activated carbon has high adsorption properties and is used to purify organic molecules and chemicals of various makeups.

Agricultural Industry: Granular activated carbon has become widely used amongst farmers and vineyard operators. It can be added to animal feed for purification, as well as pesticide use, processing aid and a natural disinfectant. For vineyards, it acts as a powerful processing agent to combat and eliminate odor and discoloration.

Environmental: Granular activated carbon has a high surface area and because of this, its adsorption power is used heavily in groundwater remediation and chemical spills.

Cosmetics: Granular activated carbon is used in shampoos, toothpastes and deep pore cleansing masks. Its purification and filtering properties are highly effective in cosmetic products, as it draws out toxins and other impurities in the body.

Distilled Beverages: Granular activated carbon is used to remove organic impurities in distilled manufacturing of whiskey, vodka and others. This filtration process removes bad taste, color and undesirable odors without harming or lowering the alcohol content.

Water: Granular activated carbon is heavily used in the purification of water. Whether it's a large project or a small project, activated carbon can be used to accomplish your filtration goals.

Air & Gas: Granular activated carbon is used to filter odors, pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It traps gas molecules and removes from circulation. It can also adsorb radon from the air. Hydrocarbons and oil vapors can be removed in gas purification form the air.

Mercury: Granular activated carbon is used to remove mercury content from coal in power plants or other industries using coal power. It is removed from the air when infused with halogens or sulfur.

*The A-Series Activated Carbon Media Filter Systems come in multiple sizes

and configurations, and are ideal systems for water filtration using (GAC).

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