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industry pioneers.

For over 40+ years Everfilt® has been a pioneer and manufacturer of water filtration systems here in the United States. Located in Mira Loma, California, we design, manufacture and distribute water filtration systems worldwide. Our unique design approach, coupled with our ability to customize and manufacture systems here in our own facility, allows us to penetrate multiple industries and tackle complex projects that require more than your standard fare of systems found in any given industry. 

Everfilt® is uniquely positioned to provide top-tier service, equipment and expertise within Industrial, Agricultural, Municipal and Commercial industries. With 200+ years of experience between our engineers, support staff and CEO/Owner, we are not only experts in the manufacturing process, but experts in how these systems work in the field, under a multitude of conditions. 

Everfilt® is currently a family owned business and we're proud to be a MADE IN USA manufacturer. We believe in quality and efficiency, while providing customers with cost-effective solutions to the toughest of problems. Everfilt® curates its customer care service by ensuring they not only receive the appropriate equipment to accomplish their goals, but also to ensure that they are educated and understand how they function and why they were chosen for the application. 

Everfilt® does not take a catalog approach to our systems. Each system is unique and acutely designed to meet specific conditions. Our quoting process takes into consideration the project itself, the filtration requirements and any obstacles that may arise, in order to provide the appropriate system that will benefit you for years to come.


American Made.
Family Owned.


the tolson legacy.

Agriculture, irrigation and farming runs deep throughout the Tolson family legacy. Since the early 1800's, Corona and Riverside, California were home to the Tolson family citrus and dairy farms. During the early 1970's, Brian Tolson the patriarch of the family; would form Tolson Irrigation, during one of the most historic agricultural times in California's history. Decades later and keeping the family legacy strong, he would later become President of Everfilt® Water Filtration Systems, along with son, Vice President Donny Tolson. Designing and installing irrigation systems for commercial and residential projects accelerated a career path that would land him in Cal Poly pursuing an engineering degree. Upon graduating, Brian would later be hired by Mr. Bob Miller, the then owner of Everfilt® Water Filtration Systems and embark on an industry defining career in water filtration.

As an engineer for over 30 years, Brian Tolson was afforded the opportunity to take over Everfilt® as the sole owner, along with Donny Tolson presiding as Vice President. What started years ago as a father and son working together in the farming and irrigation business, resulted in an opportunity to bring their combined experience and expertise to run one of the industries pioneering water filtration businesses. In 2019 Brian passed away, leaving Donny Tolson as sole owner, continuing to maintain and advance the legacy that was started over 100 years ago. Our family roots run deep and will continue to grow for years to come. This is Everfilt® Water Filtration Systems and we're here to stay!


Brian Tolson inspecting and overseeing production of 

an industrial water filtration system. 


Owner/CEO, Donny Tolson providing guidance and system familiarity for field workers.


Everfilt’s engineers have been designing and manufacturing innovative water filtration and treatment equipment since 1978.


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