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Municipal Water Infrastructure

Water is a crucial resource for cities, housing, hospitals and other facilities for processing and potable applications. Meeting governing regulations for both contamination and purity is essential before distributing water to consumers. Everfilt's water filtration solutions offer unique filtration for each application, that meets or exceeds city and state regulations.


Industrial Water Infrastructure

Manufacturing and industrial processes require large amounts of water and produce excessive amounts of wastewater as a byproduct. Recycling and reusing wastewater is crucial to avoid fines and citations. Everfilt® offers many solutions capable of treating incoming source water, discharge water and recapturing waste to ensure efficient operations.


Commercial Water Infrastructure

Commercial properties, hotels, apartments and public facilities require on-site water treatment systems for cleaning incoming water, filtering and cleaning waste water, as well as meeting discharge limits for storm and run-off water. Everfilt® provides customized water treatment solutions to ensure water quality, safety, prevent costly downtime and meet regulatory requirements.

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