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Produced Water

Produced water, a byproduct of crude oil production, contains various contaminants including oil, organics, and chemicals. Treating produced water requires specialized equipment to remove these contaminants before it can be reused on site, reducing water consumption and eliminating the need for additional water delivery.


Water Reclamation

Clean and safe water is essential for daily operations and hospitality at large organizations and job sites. Water reuse, also known as water recycling or water reclamation, plays a critical role in providing fresh water for consumption, cleaning and other processes. Everfilt® helps organizations conserve water resources and reduce operating costs.


Process Water

Industries such as manufacturing, power generation and mining produce process water as a byproduct, which can become contaminated with metals, dirt and organic material. This water often cannot be discharged or reused without proper treatment. On-site filtration of process water can reduce waste and operating costs, allowing for the creation of useful water without leaving the site.

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