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What To Expect From Your Everfilt® Water Filtration System?

Customers often ask us, what can we expect from our Everfilt® Water Filtration System in one to five years time, from purchase to install?

Well, new filtration equipment is always exciting! The initial startup and results often leave the customer anxious to see how it will perform down the line. Preventive maintenance and visual inspection is always an important step in ensuring long life expectancy and proper operation for years to come. Everfilt® equipment is built to last and proper operation, correct backwashing, system parameters and settings are critical to maintaining optimal performance, whether the unit is brand new or has been in operation for decades.

Your Everfilt® system is designed and manufactured to last for a very long time and we have equipment in the field operating over 20+ years before replacement is sought. Preventive maintenance and ensuring you are operating your system at the optimal and recommended levels is important. For questions about your system, please contact us at:


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