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Choosing a Water Filtration System

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Water Filtration System.

Water filtration systems come in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and uses, and many of which are tailored for specific industries and levels of filtration needs. It's important to determine what your needs and goals are when selecting an appropriate water filtration system. Doing so will reduce the amount of errors and headaches you may encounter on-site.

When selecting a water filtration system, determine the size and type you need. Is it for agricultural purposes, industrial water treatment, municipal applications or other? Consider the particulate size present in the water, are the suspended solids present one micron or larger? Dissolved solids usually consist of particulates smaller than one micron. This will all have an impact on the type of filter or strainer, and media needed to achieve your filtration goals. This process can be tricky, but once you determine what filtration is needed, you will see results that far exceed what you previously though possible. Communicating with an Everfilt Applications Engineer can help you determine and fine tune your filtration inquiry by answering your questions and breaking down what filter types will work best for your project.


Carbon Steel: In industrial applications, carbon steel media filters are ideal, and can handle high-pressure and temperature conditions with ease. They are perfect for oil industries, mining, petroleum, water wells, wastewater, groundwater, site remediation and many more applications. Carbon steel water filtration systems are widely used in agricultural settings as well, like irrigation.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel media filters and materials are used wear little to no corrosion is acceptable. They are very popular in agricultural, food processing, medical, chemical processing, and more. The inclusion of a magnesium sacrificial anode, also aids in limiting the levels of corrosion, and extending the life of the system considerably by sacrificing itself first.

For a more in depth breakdown on what to look for in industrial water filtration systems, check out this article by ISC Sales.

To discuss more information regarding Everfilt® Water Filtration Systems, talk with an Everfilt® Applications Engineer: 1.800.360.8380 /


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