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M-Series Multi-Media Filters Case History

Case History

Industry: Municipal Water Treatment

Requirement: Filtration for potable water, which meets the requirements of California Title 22 surface water treatment.

Flow Range: 640 GPM (922,000 GPD)

Special Factors: Media filters will operate downstream from a clarification and flocculation process.

Solution: An M-Series Multi-Media Filter System, with eight (8), 72" diameter automatic multi-media deep bed filters, each with a 48" high sidewall. Multi-media bed consists of anthracite, silica sand and garnet supported on a gravel bed surrounding the underdrain. An air scrubber helps remove floccs during backwash. Filters are producing filtered water with a turbidity of .15 to .25 NTU. All valves, manifolds, fittings and automatic controls were also provided.

*The M-Series Multi-Media Filter Systems come in multiple sizes and configurations.

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