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Multi-Media Filter Snapshot

M-Series Automatic Multi-Media Filter System Snapshot

Industry: Construction

Model: M54-60-4A

Configuration: Inline - Four (4) 54" diameter ASME Code stamped, vertical pressure filters—skid-mounted with automatic valves and controls.

Max Pressure: 150 PSIG

Min Required Line Pressure: 30 PSIG on inlet and outlet lines


Flow: 530 GPM

Service Flow Rate: 8.9 GPM/sq. ft.

Removal: Suspended Solids, 5-10 Microns Nominal

Backwash Flow: 224 GPM @ 15 GPM/sq. ft.

Duration: 3-4 min per vessel

Freeboard for Bed Expansion: 40%

Backwash Water Source: Other filters in the system; filters backwash one at a time using effluent from other filters in the system.

Rinse Cycle: Automatic valves and controls for rinse following backwash.

Pressure Vessel Dimension: 54" OD x 60" H sidewall; side manway; top fill port; bottom drain port; 304 stainless steel removable internals for potable water; lifting eyes and four legs.

Color: Safety Blue

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