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Can I Just Add Greensand in Existing Equipment?

One of the most common questions Everfilt® Water Filtration Systems gets asked is:

“Can I just add Greensand in existing equipment I already have?”

With any specialty media, the manufacturer provides specifications for best results. These specifications ensure media lasts as long as it's intended to. However, when working with specialty medias many key factors should be considered first. Adding Greensand to any vessel can cause potential issues or system failure. If the customer is not aware of Bed Depth, Contact Time, Chemical Injection and Rate of Injection, then the units will NOT work as designed.

AG tanks (Agriculture/Irrigation Media Filters) are NOT designed for chemical injection on the Inlet side and will absolutely shorten the life expectancy of the filter vessels. In order for iron to be removed, chemicals have to be injected into the Inlet side of the filters. All residual chemicals that are passed through the filter system will end up on plants, causing bigger problems down the road.

Iron removal filtration media like Greensand and DMI-65 are recommended for use ONLY in specified filter system vessels that are designed for chemical injection and with the understanding that the customer/operator has the knowledge and experience to operate the system. Premature failure to equipment not being operated or used as intentionally designed, voids equipment warranty and is a huge safety concern.


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