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Everfilt® Showcase at the 2019 Irrigation Show

Everfilt® Is All About Solutions & Innovation.

This year's 2019 Irrigation Show held by the Irrigation Association at the Las Vegas Convention Center, kicked off without a hitch and Everfilt® was there to showcase some of its latest innovations. The 2019 Irrigation Show is a congregation of leading industry leaders and professionals, all coming together to highlight some of their innovations and the ability to connect with professionals to grow your business and witness some of the latest technology being developed and deployed in irrigation and filtration.

Everfilt® has always been a pioneering force in the world of water filtration, with over 40+ years of experience and industry trust. We were able to showcase our latest S1-Series Centrifugal Sand Separator as an ideal opportunity to announce we're here, we're ready, and we have a lot to talk about when it comes to water filtration and solutions.

Our S1-Series Centrifugal Sand Separators are built with carbon steel (stainless steel options available) and are designed with minimal moving components that ensure low-maintenance and lowered operational cost. Our proprietary E-Flow Design™ makes our centrifugal sand separators a game changer and a much needed addition to the arsenal of any serious industry professional.

To discuss more information regarding Everfilt® Water Filtration Systems, talk with an Everfilt® Applications Engineer: 1.800.360.8380 /


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