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Ask The Right Questions to Spot Filtration Opportunities

Here are some questions that can help you identify opportunities your customers may not already have thought of. These questions can also help educate your customers and make them alert to future opportunities, they might otherwise have missed.

  • Where does their process water come from? Is it filtered or treated before use? Are they happy with process water quality?

  • Are they replacing pumps, valves or spray nozzles frequently?

  • Are low viscosity liquids used? Are they filtered and re-used? Would they like to be able to recycle these liquids?

  • Are they filtering water that passes through their cooling tower? If not, are they interested in reducing maintenance and chemical treatment costs?

  • Do they pay sewer discharge fees? If so, how much and what are the fees based upon? Would they like to reduce or eliminate the fees?

  • Would they like to reduce their costs of process water by filtering /treating their wastewater and recycling it?

  • Do they have solids in their wastewater that they would like to be able to recover and use?

  • Have local or State authorities issued ( or are they about to issue ) new discharge regulations?

  • Have they considered treating their wastewater and using it as reclaimed water for irrigating their landscape or for other non-potable purposes?

  • Do they use reverse osmosis? If so, would they like to reduce their RO maintenance costs and improve membrane efficiency by pre-filtering the water?

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