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Preserving Arizona's Water Future: A Step Towards Sustainability

Arizona water conservation

In a significant move towards safeguarding Arizona's precious water resources, Governor Katie Hobbs recently announced a pivotal development regarding foreign-owned farms' water usage. Previously, a Saudi Arabian farm, Fondomonte, had been permitted unrestricted access to groundwater for agricultural purposes, raising concerns about the sustainability of water management in the region. However, following rigorous inspections and decisive action from state authorities, Fondomonte has ceased its groundwater pumping activities, marking a significant milestone in Arizona's quest for water security.

Arizona Water Conservation: Understanding the Issue

Fondomonte, operated by Middle East dairy giant Almarai Company, held leases on thousands of acres of state land in Arizona, primarily for cultivating alfalfa to feed dairy cows overseas. This practice, although economically lucrative, posed a threat to Arizona's groundwater reserves, exacerbating concerns over water scarcity in the face of prolonged drought and a burgeoning population.

Governor Hobbs' Leadership:

Governor Hobbs, along with the Arizona State Land Department, played a pivotal role in addressing this pressing issue. By terminating Fondomonte's leases and refusing to renew them, Governor Hobbs demonstrated a firm commitment to accountability and the long-term interests of Arizona's residents. Her proactive stance sends a clear message that the state is resolute in protecting its water resources for future generations.

The cessation of groundwater pumping by Fondomonte signifies a crucial step towards sustainable water management in Arizona. With the state facing challenges such as overpumping of groundwater basins and limitations on Colorado River water, Governor Hobbs' administration has implemented stringent measures to regulate water usage effectively.

Challenges & Solutions:

Foreign-owned farms, such as Fondomonte and Al Dahra, have been operating in Arizona, leveraging lax groundwater laws to their advantage. However, Governor Hobbs and her administration have initiated a crackdown on such practices, revoking permits for excessive groundwater extraction and imposing restrictions to mitigate the strain on water resources.

As Arizona grapples with the complexities of water management amid drought and population growth, Governor Hobbs' commitment to decisive action remains unwavering. By prioritizing the state's water security and implementing measures to conserve and sustainably utilize water resources, Arizona is poised to thrive for generations to come.

The decision by Fondomonte to cease groundwater pumping on state land in Arizona marks a significant victory for water conservation efforts in the region. Under Governor Hobbs' leadership, Arizona is forging a path towards a more sustainable future, where responsible water management ensures the well-being of both the environment and its inhabitants. As the state continues to navigate water challenges, Governor Hobbs' steadfast resolve offers hope for a resilient and prosperous Arizona.


By CNN| Ezlla Nilsen (Mar 7, 2024). Foreign-owned farm no longer pumping groundwater on state land to feed cattle overseas, Arizona governor says


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