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Remediation or groundwater treatment is the process of removing contaminants from polluted groundwater to make it safe for consumption, agriculture or industrial purposes. Everfilt® Water Filtration Systems play a crucial role in this process.


Soil remediation is one of the most crucial elements of environmental protection we can offer in our rapidly evolving world. At Everfilt® we take a comprehensive approach to cleanup technology and take into consideration several critical factors, such as level of contamination, geological conditions, proven effectiveness and overall cost-efficiency per project. With decades of experience, our team can provide exceptional project support, recommendations and knowledgable guidance when selecting the proper Everfilt® filtration equipment. 

Contaminated Site Remediation:
Prior to removing any polluted or contaminated soil, sediment, surface water, or groundwater, site remediation demands extensive evaluation to minimize the environmental impact on people and the ecosystem. Everfilt® understands the importance of this process and has designed and engineered systems and equipment capable of addressing these specialized needs. We can provide clients with cost-efficient solutions addressing contaminated soil removal, sediment treatment, surface water treatment and groundwater remediation.

Groundwater Remediation:
Groundwater remediation is the process of treating polluted groundwater by removing the pollutants. Most groundwater is clean, but groundwater can become contaminated as a result of over-application of fertilizer or pesticides, spills from industrial operations, runoff, or leaks from landfills. With over 50 specialty media’s available and 45+ years treating water, Everfilt® is confident when meeting the challenging demands of todays groundwater remediation projects, large or small.


Granular Activated Carbon or (GAC) is often used for groundwater remediation filtration to remove unwanted organic contaminants from the soil & groundwater. That includes sites that contain taste and odor producing compounds, natural organic matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), synthetic organic compounds and disinfection byproduct alike. The (A) and (C) Series product lines are key components offered by Everfilt® that make Groundwater Remediation a walk in the park.

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