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Empowering Communities: Fila's Commitment to Clean Water Access in Cambodia

Clean Water Access

In a time when access to clean water remains a pressing issue, sportswear giant Fila has taken a commendable step towards addressing this challenge in Cambodia's Ratanakiri province. Collaborating with the esteemed humanitarian organization Good Neighbors, Fila has installed water filtration systems at several health centers, marking a significant stride towards enhancing living standards and fostering healthier communities.

Fila's Social Responsibility Endeavors

Fila's initiative in Ratanakiri epitomizes its commitment to social responsibility, aligning seamlessly with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. With a robust focus on clean water access, Fila demonstrates its dedication to key social contribution themes, which include diversity, children, and now, clean water accessibility. This initiative reflects Fila's corporate ethos and underscores its genuine concern for global welfare.

Addressing Critical Needs in Ratanakiri

Ratanakiri, nestled in northeastern Cambodia, has long grappled with a dire lack of clean water access, particularly in crucial facilities like hospitals and public health centers. This scarcity has posed significant challenges, hindering infection control measures and compromising medical services, particularly for vulnerable demographics such as pregnant women and young children. By identifying Ratanakiri as an area in need and taking proactive steps to address this issue, Fila demonstrates its acute understanding of local needs and its unwavering commitment to making a tangible difference.

Partnership with Good Neighbors: A Catalyst for Change

Fila's partnership with Good Neighbors underscores the power of collaboration in driving meaningful impact. Leveraging Good Neighbors' expertise and expansive reach, Fila embarked on a transformative journey to install water filtration systems across five local health centers.

Over six months, rigorous efforts were undertaken to ensure the efficacy of these systems, with comprehensive water quality inspections conducted to assess contamination levels. Through this concerted partnership, Fila and Good Neighbors have delivered tangible solutions and empowered local communities by providing essential training to manage and maintain these systems effectively.

Sustainable Coexistence & Continued Support

Fila's commitment to sustainable coexistence extends beyond mere philanthropy; it embodies a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility. By pledging ongoing support and collaboration with local authorities and stakeholders, Fila ensures the longevity and efficacy of its initiatives. The provision of clean and safe water serves as a cornerstone for healthier lives and vibrant communities in Ratanakiri, exemplifying Fila's dedication to fostering sustainable development and inclusive growth.

In championing the cause of clean water access in Cambodia's Ratanakiri province, Fila sets a compelling example for corporate entities worldwide. Through strategic partnerships, unwavering dedication, and a steadfast commitment to social responsibility, Fila transforms lives and leaves an indelible mark on communities in need.


By Filtration + Separation  (Feb 26, 2024). Fila supports clean water access in Cambodia through filtration


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