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Say Goodbye to Rusty Water: Effective Iron Filtration with DMI-65® and Greensand Plus™

Did you know that iron can be a pesky contaminant in our water sources? Rust-colored water not only looks unappealing but also indicates the presence of iron and other harmful substances. Fortunately, advanced filtration systems utilizing media like DMI-65® and Greensand Plus™ offer a reliable solution to combat this issue effectively. In this article, we will explore how these innovative filtration media can provide crystal-clear, iron-free water and enhance the overall quality of your water source.

Say Goodbye to Rusty Water: When iron contaminates our water, it leaves an unsightly rust-colored appearance. DMI-65® and Greensand Plus™ are exceptional filtration media designed to remove iron efficiently, ensuring that your water flows crystal clear from the source. Say goodbye to nasty rust-colored water and enjoy the aesthetic appeal of clean, clear water in your home, business or commercial properties.

Fight Iron Bacteria Like a Pro: Iron bacteria can cause significant damage to water quality, leading to unpleasant odors and slimy build-up. Fortunately, DMI-65® and Greensand Plus™ excel at combating iron bacteria, guaranteeing fresh, odor-free water that is safe for everyday use. With these innovative filtration media, you can maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your water supply.

Efficiency Meets Environmentally-Friendly Solutions: In addition to their excellent iron removal capabilities, DMI-65® and Greensand Plus™ contribute to eco-conscious water treatment. These media offer long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing waste. By choosing these filtration solutions, you not only enjoy efficient iron filtration but also promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.

It's All About Effective Filtration: DMI-65® and Greensand Plus™ stand out due to their unique properties that efficiently capture and filter iron particles. These advanced filtration media ensure that your water is cleaner and safer to use, enhancing the overall quality of your water supply.

Versatility That Goes the Extra Mile: The versatility of DMI-65® and Greensand Plus™ extends beyond iron removal. These filtration media are also effective in tackling other contaminants such as manganese, arsenic and hydrogen sulfide. By implementing these comprehensive filtration solutions, you can go above and beyond in ensuring the purity of your water source.

Ready to Enjoy Iron-Free, High-Quality Water? Combining DMI-65® or Greensand Plus™ with the appropriate filtration systems can produce powerful and effective iron filtration. Iron contamination in water can be a nuisance, impacting its appearance, odor and overall quality. Fortunately, DMI-65® and Greensand Plus™ offer advanced filtration media that effectively remove iron, ensuring crystal-clear, odor-free, and safe water for everyday use. Moreover, these filtration solutions are environmentally friendly, promoting sustainability and minimizing waste.

Learn about the benefits of crystal-clear, iron-free water by visiting our website or contacting our experts today. Everfilt® provides custom tailored solutions and expert advice to help you take your water filtration to the next level. Upgrade your water quality now!


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