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Enhancing Water Clarity and Aesthetics: STAK-Series™ Screen Filters at Water Amusement Parks


Water amusement parks are a source of joy and excitement for visitors of all ages. Behind the scenes, maintaining the water quality in these parks is a complex task. In this case history, we delve into a water amusement park's challenge of ensuring crystal-clear water for their captivating water show. Airborne contaminants, motor boats, mechanical components and visitor activities contribute to suspended solids in the water. To address this issue, a strategic solution was implemented using the cutting-edge STAK-Series™ Screen Filter. Let's explore how this advanced filtration technology transformed water quality without compromising the visual appeal of the water show.

Challenges in Water Clarity

The water used in water amusement parks is subjected to a myriad of challenges, particularly in water shows. Suspended organics and inorganics, ranging from airborne pollutants to materials discarded by visitors, accumulate in the water. These contaminants not only compromise water clarity but also impact the overall aesthetics of the water-based attractions. Finding a solution that removes these solids without affecting the visual effects created by intentionally added coloring and colloidal materials is crucial.

The STAK-Series™ Screen Filter Solution

Enter the STAK-Series™ Screen Filter – a game-changing solution for water quality management in water amusement parks. In this specific case, the park chose the STK84-36-8A model, an automatic screen filter equipped with a 100-mesh stainless steel wedge wire screen. This innovative technology is designed to effectively remove solids larger than 150 microns, all while preserving the intentional additives that contribute to the mesmerizing visual effects of the water show.

Key Advantages in Water Amusement Parks

Precision Filtration: The STAK-Series™ Screen Filter operates with unparalleled precision. By targeting solids above 150 microns, it ensures that suspended particles responsible for water cloudiness are efficiently removed, resulting in remarkably clear water.

Aesthetic Preservation: The unique challenge of maintaining water clarity in the presence of intentional coloring and colloidal materials was expertly addressed. The screen filter's design ensures that these essential elements remain undisturbed, allowing the water show to maintain its captivating visual appeal.

Automated Efficiency: The automatic functionality of the STAK-Series™ Screen Filter minimizes the need for manual intervention. This not only reduces labor costs, but also ensures continuous filtration, enhancing the overall efficiency of water treatment processes.

Adaptability: The versatility of the STAK-Series™ Screen Filter is evident in its ability to accommodate a flow range of 2500 GPM. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for water amusement parks with varying water consumption needs.

In the dynamic world of water amusement parks, maintaining water quality is paramount to delivering unforgettable experiences. This case history exemplifies how the integration of the STAK-Series™ Screen Filter, specifically the STK84-36-8A model, can revolutionize water treatment processes. By addressing the challenge of suspended solids without compromising the visual allure of water shows, this innovative solution sets a new standard in water clarity and aesthetics.

If you're seeking a reliable filtration solution that combines precision, efficiency and aesthetic preservation, the STAK-Series™ Screen Filter is undoubtedly a frontrunner. Embrace the future of water treatment technology and elevate the allure of your water-based attractions today.


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