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Commercial properties, hotels, apartments and public facilities require on-site water treatment systems for cleaning incoming water, filtering and cleaning waste water, as well as meeting discharge limits for storm and run-off water. Everfilt® provides customized water treatment solutions to ensure water quality, safety, prevent costly downtime and meet regulatory requirements.


As new construction, water conservation and retrofit infrastructure projects continue to evolve, additional water consumed also means more wastewater generated. These topics are equally important and creates challenges on all levels. Consumer safety, meeting consumer demand, processing and scaling waste quickly is highly integral. Dams, reservoirs, treatment facilities and aging pipes, all contribute to the ongoing maintenance to ensure our commercial water infrastructure is sound and operating as designed.


Water that is open to atmosphere such as reservoirs, can collect excessive amounts of debris, both organic and inorganic. Trash, algae, leaves, sticks any many other items run the risk of plugging downstream pumps, pipes and other critical components responsible for carrying water to its desired location. 


Wastewater treatment facilities are designed to take water that has been used during a specific process and can no longer be classified as potable water or (drinking water), safe for humans and animals.  With the advancement of water filtration and technology applied to modern day equipment, local State, city and commercial property owners are able to recycle the once useless wastewater, for a multitude of applications that do not require drinking water clarity.


Irrigation, industrial processes, cooling towers, ponds and lakes use recycled water, or reclaimed water. These practices have become so effective, reclaimed water is being used across multiple industries and become easily identified by a vibrant purple color, that easily creates awareness of the water source being used to prevent risk.


With drinking water continuing to rise in cost and availability dwindling, many new developments are required to recycle water onsite for additional processes to avoid using excessive drinking water, for non-consumption related projects. With this being an important factor, developers and engineering companies are required to source and design treatment systems capable of reducing consumption and reducing waste simultaneously.


Well water can also be pulled and treated to meet users requirements. Although, source water can range significantly from city-to-city or State-to-State. Everfilt® has overcome some of these challenges by ensuring we can assist with meeting demands, regardless of location and provide solutions our customers are looking for.

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