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Protect Productivity
& Profits with an Everfilt
® Filtration System.

Everfilt® manufactures complete water filtration systems & individual components to meet your demands. We cover Agricultural, Industrial, Municipal & Commercial water applications.

Everfilt® featured systems

Everfilt SM-Series Sand Media Filters

SM-Series Sand Media Filters are high-grade carbon steel sand media filters.

Everfilt SK-SSM-Series Stainless Steel Sand Media Filters

SK-SSM-Series Sand Media Filters are skid-mounted stainless steel sand media filters.

Everfilt SMS-Series Screen Filtration Systems

SMS-Series Screen Filters are high-grade stainless steel/mesh screen filters.

Everfilt Multi-Media Filtration Systems

M-Series Multi-Media Filters are high-grade multi-media filtration industrial media filters.

Everfilt Granular Activated Carbon Filtration Systems

A-Series Activated Carbon Media Filters are high-grade GAC industrial media filters.

Everfilt Iron Removal Filtration Systems

I-Series Iron Removal Media Filters are high-grade iron removal industrial media filters.

Filtration is Serious Business

We've Served Some of the Biggest Companies in the World.


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Everfilt® provides essential filtration media, like DMI-65®, Activated Carbon (GAC), Anthracite, Silica Sand,

Gravel and much more.  Let's Get You Setup with the Right Media!


Order filtration media specifically sorted and formulated for your Everfilt® Water Filtration Systems.


Everfilt® testimonials

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"Everfilt goes the extra mile to make sure the end users are purchasing the right filter system for the right application. The Everfilt team's experience, assistance and knowledge is invaluable." - Reagan Karlin


"Exceptional customer service and always willing to assist with special project requirements. Everfilt continues to be a reliable source for filtration systems, regardless of the application"

- Grace Castillon

  • Fast Response

  • Great Customer Service

  • Quality Products

  • Hands-On Approach

  • Willing to Test In-Field

  • Works with Dealer to Solve All Issues  - Brian Pohlmann


"There is never a problem, we ask and we see the RESULTS!"

- Cornello Peters

why choose everfilT® WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMS?

Reputable Industry Experience.
With over 40+ years of trusted, reliable and pioneering industry experience; Everfilt® has been a mainstay in multiple industries, from wastewater, stormwater, irrigation, groundwater, oil, landscape and more. We've had a foothold in many industries providing the same level of performance and expertise; never sacrificing quality or chasing the bottom.
Robust Technology. 
Our design philosophy emphasizes streamlined engineering and a modular concept, using proven technology to obtain an optimum solution. Durability and operating reliability are our primary goals. Everfilt’s broad line of modular filter system components makes practical solutions to unique requirements a reality. Each system is tailored specifically to meet your needs!