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The term TURF is widely used to describe industries like golf courses, schools and sports fields, requiring a constant supply of clean water and irrigation to maintain a lush green lawn. Everfilt's water filtration solutions cater to the needs of each source, removing harmful debris or elements to prevent damage to the turf.


Maintaining a lush green lawn typically requires fertilizer and a source of irrigation/water being applied to turf 1-2 times a day during warmer months. Clean water is critical to avoid damaging or discoloring turf. Large areas of turf are irrigated from ponds, wells or municipal water pipes. Each source requires specialty filtration to remove harmful debris or elements that could could cause harm. 


Most large areas of turf are irrigated using reclaimed water that may include higher levels of TSS or added chemicals such as chlorine. Iron and calcium are also common in well water and pose a huge issue when irrigating. Addressing the issue with a water test is a great start before selecting the Everfilt® equipment that is correct for the job.


By incorporating specialized filtration systems and conducting thorough water testing, turf managers can ensure that the turf receives high-quality water, free from harmful contaminants. This proactive approach not only promotes the overall health and appearance of the turf but also contributes to sustainable and effective turf maintenance practices.

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