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Greenhouses enable farmers to grow specific crops year-round by creating a controlled environment. With Everfilt's water filtration solutions, ensure clean water is available for growing and other equipment such as HVAC and recycle water used for irrigation, to make greenhouses highly efficient.


The popularity of greenhouses has continued to increase across the country and one reason is the ability to monitor and control with accuracy, allowing farmers to grow specific crops year round. Crops that may not typically grow in a central location due to climate, are able to grow by duplicating or altering the indoor temperatures and humidity, for maximum yield, while also avoiding risk of freezing, flooding, insects or other harmful scenarios that may occur.


Replicating environments requires specialty equipment to constantly monitor air, humidity, water temps and more. One of the most critical components to the project is water and water filtration. Clean water is not only required for growing, it is also used by additional equipment such as HVAC’s, that ensure moisture and temperatures are inline for healthy plant growth. Capturing and recycling water used after process and irrigation is then cleaned, processed with nutrients and then sent back out to be used for irrigation. Greenhouse’s have become very effective and efficient, with a  majority of waste being captured and recycled, then distributed to other areas of the facility.  


With the increased use of cannabis in pharmaceutical, textile-manufacturing and food processing, it’s impact as a beneficial crop has made it a staple across multiple industries. Whether outdoors or in a controlled environment, Everfilt® can assist with your operation needs. Quality feed water plays an important role in producing high-quality and high-yield growth. If it’s irrigation or the manufacturing equipment process, we have solutions capable of increasing your water quality on incoming sources, as well as discharge areas.

Water filtration systems play a crucial role in many industries and cannabis cultivation is no exception. Everfilt® offers a range of water filtration solutions designed to remove impurities and contaminants, improving your water quality for irrigation needs and specific manufacturing equipment processes. We implement sand media filters, stainless steel wedge wire screen filtration systems and other sediment separation techniques to reduce suspended solids, remove harmful particles all while meeting State/local regulatory requirements for legal disposal procedures.


By complementing or replacing existing irrigation filtration techniques and equipment, we can increase the quality of water used in cannabis cultivation, ensuring optimal growth and high-quality yields. No matter the application, whether it be pharmaceuticals, textile manufacturing, or food processing utilizing cannabis or hemp properties, Everfilt® has the expertise and capability to assist with your water filtration needs.

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