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The S1-Series Incline Sand Separator


The S1-Series (Incline) centrifugal sand separators are constructed from carbon steel and finished in a UV resistant, two-part epoxy finish. Most commonly used when removing suspended solids or inorganic materials down to 80 microns.

Designed around projects where flow rates range from 200-7800 GPM and adaptable features such as, fully adjustable legs, flanged lid, and carbon steel skids for easy maneuverability. 150 PSI rated.

Everfilt's industry exclusive E-Flow Design™, accelerates incoming fluid for better solids separation and maximum performance. Whether you're adding the S1-Series Centrifugal Sand Separator as a pre-filter to an existing filter system or a new project, rest assured the S1-Series Centrifugal Sand Separator will provide exceptional results, while prolonging the life of your filter system from premature wear caused by excessive sand or silt present.

The S1-Series Incline Centrifugal Sand Separator is designed for applications that require high-flow capacities. (ask about our S2 Stainless Steel Industrial Centrifugal Sand Separators). Our centrifugal sand separators are designed with minimal moving components, which ensures low-maintenance requirements and reduced operational cost.

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