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STAK-Series Screen Filters Case History

Case History

Industry: Water Amusement Park

Requirement: Remove suspended organics and inorganics from water in a lagoon used in a water show. Suspended solids come from airborne contaminants, motor boats and mechanical components that are under the surface of the water and visitors who toss a variety of materials into the lagoon.

Flow Range: 2500 GPM

Special Factors: Water in lagoon contains coloring and colloidal material, designed to keep pipes and tracks below the surface of the water from being seen; these materials must pass through the filter.

Solution: A STAK-Series™ Screen Filter, model STK84-36-8A automatic screen filter, with 100 mesh stainless steel wedge wire screen. This will screen filter will remove solids larger than 150 microns, without disturbing the substances in the water, which are added to produce the desired visual effect.

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