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Hydrocurrent Well Services Does a Dealer Spotlight With Everfilt®!

Everfilt® Water Filtration Systems was highlighted by our wonderful friends down at Hydrocurrent Well Services, to discuss our partnership, customer relations, capabilities and generally how we as an American Manufacturing company continue to deliver high-quality filtration systems and nurture dealer/manufacturer relationships to ensure all parties are coming away with the best possible system, to meet ever-growing, high demands. Everfilt® takes pride in delivering a system designed to the highest standards that not only meets expectations, but exceeds them!

We've been working diligently with Ben Fain, Owner at Hydrocurrent Well Services, in delivering superior commercial/irrigation and filtration system equipment, that ranges from stainless steel wedge wire screen filters for agricultural water wells, equestrian projects, sand separators for irrigation well water set ups and more. Each project has been a wonderful collaboration and we love getting down to business when it comes to the design process and manufacturing a unique and often times customized system, right here in our Mira Loma, California facility.

Being able to work with Hydrocurrent Well Services directly and provide customized equipment that helps clients achieve their desired results, really helps position us competitively and effectively within the industry. We've got our fingers on the pulse and couldn't be happier in delivering services that are sorely needed throughout California and globally, as we continue to increase our foothold in multiple industries.


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