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Administrative Professionals Day!

What A Wonderful Day To Say Thank You.

Today is Administrative Professionals Day, and we'd like to highlight a very special Admin Pro that keeps this ship on course. We'd like to give a big Thank You to our Controller, Kathy Stewart for all the amazing work you do and for ensuring the lights stay on and Everfilt® employees are taken care of. She has been a loyal and highly respected member of the Everfilt® Family and we hope to continue doing great things together!

We'd also like to thank ALL of our employees for the hard work and care they put into everything they do on a daily basis. We couldn't be where we are today without our team. We have a small, but agile group of professionals that get things done and do the job with aplomb. Everfilt® has a bright future ahead.

To discuss more information regarding Everfilt® Water Filtration Systems, talk with an Everfilt® Applications Engineer: 1.800.360.8380 /


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