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Industries such as manufacturing, power generation and mining produce process water as a byproduct, which can become contaminated with metals, dirt and organic material. This water often cannot be discharged or reused without proper treatment. On-site filtration of process water can reduce waste and operating costs, allowing for the creation of useful water without leaving the site.



Being able to filter process water onsite, either close to metropolitan areas or even remote areas, significantly reduces waste, while lowering operating expenses. Treating process water to a level that can be reused, allows operators and project engineers the ability to create useful water, without having to leave the site. Process water ultimately is filtered, cleaned and treated to be used again and again as the demand requires.


Cleaning large equipment before it leaves operation sites and enters public highways or areas, is a critical step in site and operator safety. Removing excessive dirt, dust, mud, oil and lubrications prior, is important not only for others, but also for transferring any harmful debris or liquids that can be harmful to others. Utilizing available water or recycled process water is proven more effective than not. Reducing risk and reducing water consumption on sites is a key component to operating a successful company.

In manufacturing facilities, industrial water filtration systems are essential for maintaining the integrity of production processes and protecting equipment. These systems can remove suspended solids, oils, chemicals and other particulate matter that may adversely affect machinery and product quality. By ensuring clean and filtered water, industrial filtration systems help prevent clogging, corrosion and damage to critical components, ultimately reducing maintenance costs and improving operational efficiency.

Potable water and sanitary systems:

Many sites, businesses and temporary camps provide clean water, showers and laundry facilities to employees and operators who are onsite for extended periods of time. Providing hospitality is important to ensure a homelike environment for employees. Potable water is required in remote locations where typical well water may require polishing filters to meet NSF-61 standards. Wastewater created by these procedures can also be recycled and reused for special applications where reclaimed water is suitable.

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