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How to Eliminate Blocked Spray Nozzles

How to Eliminate Blocked Spray Nozzles

If you are using spray nozzles in your operation and are having to replace them frequently due to blockage, you can eliminate the problem through

filtration. The water contains particles larger than the orifices of the spray nozzles, so they block the nozzles upon reaching them. Removing particles larger than the orifice eliminates the problem. The exact type of filtration depends on what is causing particle formation.

Here are some typical causes:

  • The water is hard and when it becomes hot or is heated during use, the elevated temperature causes the hardness minerals to come out of suspension and form particles.

  • The water contains iron and/or manganese. As water is exposed to air, oxygen acts as an oxidizing agent and transforms dissolved iron and manganese into suspended solids. If iron is present, the water may have an orange hue. If manganese is present, it will appear as a black sludge.

  • If ground water or surface water is being used, it will contain both organic and inorganic particles, some of which will be large enough to cause blockage of spray nozzles.

If water is hard, a water softener should be installed before the water enters your process. If water contains iron and/or manganese, a Greensand filter will solve the problem. If the particles are in ground water or surface water, a sand filter will remove the larger particles causing blockage.

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