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Everfilt's specialized services include custom fabrication services, custom manifolds, coatings, system design services, etc. and provide advanced expertise and tailored solutions to meet your demands and customer satisfaction.



With 45-years of manufacturing in the USA, the Everfilt® team is no stranger to unique and challenging filtration projects and equipment. We understand the importance of specialty equipment, specifically engineered for your projects and niche. Safety and quality is always key and we take pride in manufacturing carbon steel, stainless steel and select PVC systems and components in-house, right here in Mira Loma, California. From 12” diameter to 120” diameter ASME Code and Non-Code vessels, we build to Everfilt's or our clients specifications. (Code must apply for safety factor) All specialty equipment is designed to perform and outperform the competition, with your project in mind. 

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Process Control Systems & Control Panels PLC

  • Specialty Coatings

  • AMSE Code

  • Skids / Catwalks / Stairs / Platforms

  • Manifolds / Connecting Piping

  • Valves / Pneumatic / Electric / Hydraulic

  • Mobile & Emergency Disaster Relief Equipment

  • Pumps / Pump Skids

  • Underdrains & Distributors

  • Onsite Repair & Retrofit Fabrication

  • Media Replacement

  • High-Pressure Capabilities

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