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Component Sheet
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[ PN: 1068-01 ]

Everfilt® U-Bolt


  • Corrosion Resistant Construction

  • Vibration Reduction

  • Rubber Cushion & Thin PVC Spacer

  • Muffler Clamps w/ Rounded Mounting Plate

  • Insulator & Rubber Cushion

  • Choice of Non-Conductive U-Bolts

  • Optional Thickness for Vert & Sup Plates

  • Bottom 2 Anchor Bolts Can be Slotted

  • Optional Configurations for Piping

  • Support Height

  • Customizable Assembly


The Everfilt® U-Bolt is a proprietary U-Bolt, that is 6" in diameter, rubber cushioned (optional) and comes with a specialized galvanized steel mounting plate and support plate, for maximum support and prevention of corrosion and damage from contact to other metals. The U-Bolt can be used to support tubing, heavy piping, poles, conduits and more. Our U-Bolt comes in a complete kit, ready to use with your systems.

Square U-Bolts are also available in 304SS stainless steel, corrosion and chemical resistant construction. Applicable for suspended tubing. All of our Everfilt® U-Bolts are highly durable and uniquely designed for secure fittings and high performance.


We take pride in designing our own products and customization of existing systems to meet the evolving challenges of the industry. Our engineers and build team work hard to conceptualize and build systems / components that will help you succeed in any industry application.


Online store order prices are NOT comparable to direct RFQ orders placed through or dealer pricing.

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