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Component Sheet


12V AGRICULTURE [ PN: 1108 ]

12V INDUSTRIAL [ PN: 1108-4 ]

24V industrial [ pn: 1108-1 ]

Everfilt® Stainless
Steel Solenoids


  • Stainless Steel Body

  • No Plastic Construction

  • High-Durability & Long Life Span

  • 12 VDC & 24 VDC Coils Available (standard is w/ 12 VDC)

  • Solenoid Wrench Available for Tamper Proof Design 


Everfilt® Stainless Steel Solenoids are a complete line of valves with a great selection of options and exceptional performance. The standard in the field of air, water and other fluids, compatible with standard Buna seals. Hot water, steam, gasoline and many oils require special seal materials. 

The Solenoid-Series 20 has a life expectancy that surpasses over millions of cycles of use, depending on application and lubrication, etc. The highly durable stainless steel casing makes this product a truly hard working component in the field.

Operating conditions for standard valves are: -0°F (-18°C) to 104°F (40°C) ambient; 0°F (-18°C) to 150°F (65°C) media. Optional valves can tolerate much higher or lower ambient and media temperatures.


Online store order prices are NOT comparable to direct RFQ orders placed through or dealer pricing.

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