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Component Sheet


[ PN: 4077-02 ]

Everfilt® Solar Panel Kit


  • Solar Panel with Bracket

  • 1/4 - 20 x 314 MTB Bolt w/ Nut (TYp)

  • Wiring Harness ( 3ft.) & Enclosure

  • Solar Panel Pedestal, Grommet & Lead


Everfilt® Solar Panel Kits were designed to provide long-term reliability, all while being exposed to some of the most extreme elements, from below freezing, to temps in excess of 100 degrees fahrenheit.

Having a unique, segmented design approach, allows for individual replacement parts as needed. The Everfilt Solar Panel Kit comes ready to get you going when you need it, anytime, anywhere.

Everfilt® understands that not all sites have required power requirements that your filtration system may need to operate correctly and effectively. With these challenges, comes the Everfilt Solar Panel Kit, designed with durability in mind, even in the most extreme conditions. This system provides a turn-key solution, regardless of its location. 


Online store order prices are NOT comparable to direct RFQ orders placed through or dealer pricing.

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