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Stormwater Treatment Can Add To The Bottom Line!

Stormwater Treatment

In areas where there is substantial annual rainfall, re-conditioning that water and using it for cooling water make-up, firefighting, wash down, landscape irrigation or other non-potable purposes can reduce the cost of purchasing water and drop dollars to the bottom line. Many firms already treat their storm water in order to meet local discharge regulations. In fact, the treatment may already being sufficient to allow for its use in a variety of non-potable applications.

If stormwater is being treated, but does not produce water of quality that can be used in plant operations, a minor addition to the treatment process will likely solve that problem. Where stormwater is not being treated, the two most common substances that need to be removed prior to use are suspended solids and hydrocarbons. Treatment can be as simple as a two-stage process: sand filter (or dual-media filter) followed by a clay or activated carbon filter.

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