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Marine Research Groundwater Treatment System

Everfilt® designed and manufactured a groundwater treatment system for MAE2 to use for a marine research facility, with the express purposes of removing fuel from a nearby gas station and iron bacteria contaminant. The groundwater needed to be purged of the fuel for the fish to survive and continue to be healthy, while the iron was removed to prevent fouling of the drum filters, which facilitated the filtered water required for the tanks.

The backwashing filtration sand media filters were constructed by Everfilt® to deliver the needed filtration and handle flow rates from 8 GPM to 45 GPM. This system helped to lower costs for electrical and low flow periods.

Everfilt® has a long history of multi-media filter design and delivering modular, packaged systems ready-to-install at installations globally. Our design approach is streamlined and geared toward providing systems that not only do the job well, but also make sense for your current needs as well as future needs.

To discuss more information regarding Everfilt® Water Filtration Systems, talk with an Everfilt® Applications Engineer: 1.800.360.8380 /


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