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Everfilt® Automatic Backwash Controls

Everfilt® designs and manufactures its own automatic backwash controls. User-friendly control knobs, panel labelling and display lights make for easy use. Made of solid-state electronic circuits, the automatic controls help assure effective system operation by initiating needed backwash in an efficient manner. The control is housed in UL-Listed, NEMA 4 water resistant enclosure.

The LCD display indicates when the next backwash cycle is timed to begin, the total number of backwash cycles that have been initiated since last reset and the number of backwashes that have been triggered by pressure differential. users find this information very useful in identifying operating conditions requiring their attention. Models are available for 4, 8 and 12 station controls. In some cases it's possible to expand an existing filter installation without the expense of changing controls.

Deep Bed Filtration

For applications where slow, deep sand filtration is required to achieve low micron filtration, high tank sidewalls, up to 6 feet high are available. This can also achieve cost-effective pre-treatment of liquids where filtration below 10 microns is desired. Consult the factory for specific sizing.

Solar Power

For field conditions where electric power is unavailable or unreliable, or where it is just more cost-effective, Everfilt® offers a 12 VDC Solar Power option. The heavy-duty battery has a capacity to deliver power to the system even in overcas