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Component Sheet


stainless steel [ PN: 1291-03 ]

carbon steel [ pn: 1291-04 ]

Everfilt® Flow
Restrictor Tubes


  • Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Construction

  • 2" FPT Port for Use of Vacuum Relief Valve (optional)

  • Provides Restrictor Valve

  • Provides Air/Vac Relief Valve Port 

  • Provides Sight Glass Connection ( Sight Glass NOT Included)

  • Protects Against Unauthorized Adjustments 


The Everfilt® Flow Restrictor Tube, is an ideal add-on component for your media systems and can handle various flow rates without damage. Flow restrictor tubes can be best utilized in Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial based industries and environments.

Everfilt’s engineers have been designing and manufacturing innovative water filtration and treatment equipment for over 40-years and continue to push the envelope in developing products that will not simply get the job done, but surpass our customers expectations. Everfilt’s water filtration systems are installed in industrial, municipal, commercial, and agricultural settings worldwide.


Online store order prices are NOT comparable to direct RFQ orders placed through or dealer pricing.

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